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Calendar and Announcements
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Special Announcements
Note: BHBI is no longer holding Shabbat Friday evening services. Those wishing to attend a Friday evening service are welcome at Temple Beth Am and should consult the Beth Am calendar.

  • Friday, Nov 30, 7pm, Erev Shabbat at BHBI
  • Saturday, Dec 8, 9am, three Torah Shabbat!
  • Sunday, Dec 9, 5pm, Joint BHBI/TBA CHANUKAH PARTY at BHBI
  • Monday, Dec 10, 7:30pm, BHBI Board Meeting
  • Friday, Dec 14, 7pm, Erev Shabbat at TBA (TBK room 103)
  • Wednesday, Dec 19, 7:30pm, Torah Study at BHBI
  • Saturday, Dec 29, 10am, Shabbat Morning at TBA (TBK room 103)

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BHBI Monthly Events Calendar - December 2018

Saturday Dec 1 9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service (Torah: Vayeishev)
Sunday  Dec 2 9:00 am Service, Breakfast, Discussion
Saturday Dec 8 9:00 am Joint Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Morning Service with Temple Beth Am at BHBI (Torah: Miketz) -- a three Torah Shabbat!
Sunday Dec 9 9:00 am Service, Breakfast, Discussion
Sunday Dec 9 5:00 pm Joint BHBI-Beth Am Chanukah Celebration and Dinner at BHBI
Monday Dec 10 7:30 pm BHBI Board of Trustees Meeting
Friday Dec 14 7:00 pm Joint Shabbat Evening Service with Temple Beth Am at Beth Am (TBK room 103)
Saturday Dec 15 9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service (Torah: Vayigash)
Sunday Dec 16 9:00 am Service, Breakfast, Discussion
Wednesday Dec 19 7:30 pm Small Conservative Shul Collaborative Torah Study at BHBI
Saturday Dec 22 9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service (Torah: Vayechi)
Sunday Dec 23 9:00 am Service, Breakfast, Discussion
Saturday Dec 29 10:00 am Joint Shabbat Morning Service with Temple Beth Am at Beth Am (TBK room 103) (Torah: Shemot)
Sunday Dec 30 9:00 am Service, Breakfast, Discussion

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